Curicyn™ Original Formula

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Wound Cleaner, Skin Care & Wash

In our opinion Curicyn is a must have for your K9 travel bag, training bag or first aide kit.  For the inevitable cuts & scrapes that occur in a c=active pets life Curicyn is safe for use in most animals!  Curicyn effectively eliminates inflammation while simultaneously stimulating the healthy rejuvenation of new tissue.

Various chemistry parameters have been optimized to create a unique and synergistic formula that very effectively helps eliminate inflammation while simultaneously stimulating the healthy rejuvenation of new tissue. Extensive testing on mixtures containing some of the compounds in Curicyn has been performed on common bacteria strains known to be troublesome in equine, cattle, companion pets and other animals. These laboratory results and field trials indicate Curicyn to be highly effective as a topical wound and skin wash formula.

All of the ingredients in Curicyn are “food grade” or “high purity” ingredients. Two of the lesser, but potent ingredients are found in food sources in high concentrations and they naturally will not promote bacterial growth. One of them has been identified by the World Health Organization as an essential health element. This synergistic mixture accelerates the animals own natural healing mechanisms.


This product is for external use only, not for injection or internal ingestion. If adverse conditions or irritations develop, please discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. As always, consult with your veterinarian for unusual conditions. Keep out of reach from children. Safe to use around the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Safe if licked by animal.


  • Fast acting formula
  • Safe for most livestock and pet species large or small except felines
  • Specifically formulated to address wounds and skin issues that are difficult to bandage and in which flies or insects may be an issue
  • Will not stain burn itch or create any sensitivity to the animal

2oz:     2.375 x 2.375 x 8.125 in
8oz :     2.375 x 2.375 x 8.125 in
24oz:     4.5 x 4.75 x 12.25 in