GoughNuts - Water Stick

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The GoughNuts Water Stick Yellow is the newest design for interactive WATER PLAY. The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. The GoughNuts Water Stick line of product is NOT FOR POWER CHEWING. Please rely on our GoughNuts rings for power chewing While many of our products float like an ice cube the Water Stick will be Buoyant!! This is a great leap in GoughNuts Engineering. Please note that the normal RED safety indicator is in fact HOLLOW for the WATER STICKS. While the Water Stick is not consider a power chewing toy it is GUARANTEED like all of the Goughnut products. If the products is damaged to the point of a puncture, please follow the Guarantee section on our web page. Thank you for your support of GoughNuts!

Can be used in conjunction with the GoughNuts ring to create a fun puzzle for your furry friend.


  • Natural rubber
  • Engineered carbon reinforcement for durability
  • Two layer design is built with a red safety indicator
  • Bounces
  • Floats
  • Aggressive chewers
  • Easy to clean

Safety Guarantee Policy:

GoughNuts Safety Guarantee - If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any GoughNuts Ring or Stick, Green, Black, Yellow or Orange, to expose the indication layer, Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.  GoughNuts, "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is a mechanism for the dog owner to see a clear indication of when to take the GoughNut from the dog. 

GoughNuts Safety Guarantee applies to all of our products.  Our Rings should be used for supervised power chewing.  Our Stick, Balls, Kups, and TuGs should be considered interactive play versus constant or power chewing.  If any of our products are damaged please follow our Safety Guarantee Policy as a mechanism to get your dog a safe undamaged GoughNut.  Sizing is very important.  Bigger dogs need bigger diameter cross sections to help eliminate scissor like chunks that are the primary reason for intestinal blockage.  Please always be conservative and present products that exceed the width of your dogs mouth. 

Return Procedure - If you see a red indication or if any GoughNut product is damaged, return the GoughNut to:

GoughNuts LLC
217 Lois Ave
Modesto, CA 95350

Shipping and handling not included


Green, Yellow, Orange
GoughNuts Black
GoughNuts Black 50
3200 PSI
3600 PSI
4000 PSI
Tear Die C
140 PSI
180 PSI
230 PSI