K9 Puppy Gold

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Start your puppy off on the right paw!  In the beginning stages of your dog’s development, proper nutrition is key to promoting good health for their entire life. A dietary nutritional supplement for puppies, K9 Power PUPPY GOLD,™ supplies your new friend with the vitamins and nutrients that help them during their critical initial growth.

Faithfully patterned after Nature's Gold Standard puppy formula: Mother's Milk!  Pure white powder fed with food or alone. Puppy Gold,™ recreates mother's milk to promote immunity, stronger joints and lean puppy growth and the many survival and growth advantages of mother's milk.

The Next Best Thing to Mom! Get the support of Mom even when she’s not there!  The fact is, like most mammals in the wild, puppies usually grow best on mother's milk. A female dog is capable of supplying milk to her offspring for many months. Pups born in the spring may still be nursing as the fall season arrives. The milk they get supplements their food, such as meat protein, from other sources. Fast forward to today, puppies head off to their new homes at about 8 weeks of age. Since they are separated from mom at such an early age, we need to be sure the pups are getting the nutrition they need as they transition to eating a commercial diet. Weaning is necessary but left to nature these pups would be getting a healthy supply of milk protein for months to come to help with this critical growth stage. That’s where K9 Power Puppy Gold bridges the gap and contributes to a happy and healthy puppy.

A Powerhouse of Puppy Nutrition!  Puppy Gold,™ contains the bioactive proteins, micellar casein, colostrum and more to give them a giant head start in life. We even include canine milk's awesome immune factors, including lactotransferrin. This same ingredient is a key component in mothers “first milk” and helps a puppy’s immune system in its battle against infection. Puppy Gold,™ helps produce not just healthier puppies, but healthier, longer living adults.

For Mom, Too! The same nutrients that help puppies after birth help them grow inside mom. Feeding Puppy Gold to pregnant dogs helps produce healthier, more robust puppies and a stronger mom by supplying essential nutrition to grow puppies and milk inside the mother, sparing her vulnerable muscle and bone mass. Mothers retain (or even increase) glossy coat and healthy body because it fuels growth and milk production instead of her own body. Mothers look great during pregnancy & nursing and recover fast afterwards.

PUPPY GOLD,™ formula is one of the many products from K9 Power that provide the following powerful nutritional benefits for your puppy:
  • Ideal Growth & Development Supplement - Balanced support for developing puppies.
  • Helps support the needs of developing Puppies
  • Total milk proteins, zero lactose
  • Immune system and organ support
  • Essential nutrient mix for both puppies and mothers.
  • Amino acids and essential fatty acids
  • Provides Antioxidant Support
  • Probiotics, Vitamins & Minerals 
  • Supports solid bone development
  • Promotes connective tissue strength (Ligaments & Tendons)

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