Spot Shot by Liquid Health

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Colloidal Silver For Dogs Liquid Supplement

Spot Shot colloidal silver for dogs and cats can be a welcome supplement in making your dog happy.  Dog skin problems such as dog dry skin, dog itching and scratching can be difficult to deal with.  Liquid Health Pets manufactures colloidal silver for dogs in easy to use drop and spray forms. Known as Spot Shot, our colloidal silver spray for dogs and cats contains 45ppm colloidal silver in a base of purified water using an electro-colloidal process.  Spot Shot is perfect for clipper burn or other skin irritations that your dog may incur. The convenient spray bottle makes administration easy for you and comfortable for your dog.  If you dog has dog allergy symptoms, please consult your vet.
Great For Dog Skin Problems and Dog Itching

Colloidal silver for dogs and cats has long been promoted as a supplement for dog skin problems such as dry skin, dog rash, skin irritation and other dog skin issues.  It has been reported to help with dogs’ itching and scratching helping them to feel more comfortable and less irritable.  For dog skin infections, hives, scabbies or parasites you should consult your local vet.

So if your thinking “my dog keeps scratching” and your dog is itching with no fleas, you might want to consider using a colloidal silver liquid supplement for your dog.  However, it could be that your dog has dry skin problems or possibly a rash or some other form of skin irritation that may need more immediate attention.  So take good care of your dog and take them to the vet and see if a colloidal silver dog supplement is what they need.

Directions for Use
Spray directly on hot spot or irritated area every 4 hours for 2 days. After first 2 days, spray twice daily as needed. For fresh breath and healthy teeth, spray in mouth morning and night.

Colloidal Silver 45 ppm in a base of distilled water.

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