Glow In The Dark Leash- WAUDOG

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The WAUDOG glow in the dark leash is a quality, durable and stylish waterproof dog leash with aluminum alloy clasp. The WAUDOG WATERPROOF Series is made from innovative COLLARTEX material developed by the COLLAR company. This is a great leash for every day use and the unique texture prevents slipping when wet.

  •     Stylish, bright, durable and ultramodern
  •     Leashes are made from material COLLARTEX
  •     Durable
  •     Comfortable
  •     Practical: waterproof, easily washable and does not fade in the sun.
  •     Clasp made of durable aluminum alloy in titanium grey color
  •     A unique texture prevents slipping even if the leash is wet


  • 73"