Lightning Strike Flyer

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Lightning Strike Flyer

When it comes to playing with your dog outside what better to start with then NERF!  Nerf Dog toys has brought us the Lightning Flyer built for extra-tough tossing, fetching, training and chasing. This dog toy is an ultra-aerodynamic, lightweight and high-flying design that give you countless hours of fun & exercise with your favorite pal!   It’s built with high-performance, tear-resistant nylon, making it the go-to toy for even the most active pups. Because it also floats on water—it’s the perfect, unsinkable take-along toy for the beach, pool, lake, or your favorite water play spot.

Features :

  • Perfect for action-packed games of fetch with lightweight and high-flying disc design.
  • Built to stand up to extra tough play with high-performance, tear-resistant, waterproof nylon.
  • Provides enriching entertainment as well as much-needed exercise.
  • Unsinkable, buoyant design makes it ideal for water-loving pups.
  • Perfect for the backyard, beach, lake, or pool for hours of play.

Size : 10in X 10in X 10in