Nerf 3 Ring Tug

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Nerf 3 Ring Tug

Give your energetic pal a durable toy optimized for extra-tough tugging and roughhousing with the Nerf Dog Tuff Tug 3 Ring Dog Toy. Thanks to its unique design with two durable rubber rings and tough-tastic rope in the middle, it’s perfect for action-packed games of tug your pal can enjoy with you, or with other friendly pups. It’s built with high-performance thermoplastic rubber and wear-resistant nylon rope to stand up to extended chewing and tugging, so it’s the go-to toy for active pups. When it’s time to relax and store the toy, cleaning doggie drool and dirt is a cinch by just hand washing or wiping away. Plus, thanks to its waterproof design, it’s ideal for water loving pups at the beach, lake, pool, or your favorite spot!

Features :

  • Perfect for tug of war for medium to large dogs with its extra-long reach and two handles.
  • Built to stand up to extra tough play and tugging with high-performance thermoplastic rubber.
  • Provides an enriching activity your pal can enjoy with you or other friendly pups.
  • Waterproof so it’s ideal for the beach, pool, lake, or your favorite park.
  • Easy to keep doggie drool free by just hand washing or wiping clean.

Size: 13in x 6in x 5in